Ubuntu updating kernel

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The u-boot is upgraded to increase the mtd partition size to reflect the new size.The u-boot tag for this is K2_UBOOT_2013-01_13.09_01.

After reading this chapter you should have a sense of the different pieces that make up the MCSDK.Before loading the u-boot to EVM you need to create blob. Assuming you are in the u-boot source top level directory execute the following commands after building u-boot: You should run two terminals on a PC.One connected to the BMC and another to the UART0 of the K2HK SOC.Please see the release notes for the comprehensive list of components and version; the latest release notes is MCSDK Release Notes.For licensing information, please see the software manifest; the latest software manifest is MCSDK Software Manifest. That is one that addresses acronyms that this Chapter uses.This document describes how to install and work with Texas Instruments' Linux Kernel for the Key Stone II platform.

The MCSDK provides a fundamental Linux based software platform for development, deployment and execution on the ARM A15 processor of the Key Stone II architecture.

Some of these configuration items are: The will be created at root directory of u-boot source tree.

Alternately both and can be combined and flashed to SPI NOR flash.

The Transport Net Lib includes High Performance Lib(HPLIB) and Network API(Net API) modules.

Detailed description of these modules and build insructions are available at Net Lib_Users Guide.

The Multicore Software Development Kit (MCSDK) provides foundational software for TI Key Stone II device platforms.

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