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Sexchatlinework - friend dating boys tanzania

These are local dating chatlines, with local numbers in each one of these individual cities.Women call for free and male callers get direct access FREE when they call the chat line using your own 509 number.

With Chat Dollars When they call our local system to get their FREE chat time, the 509 number they use will determine which affiliate referred the caller and based on the 509 number called, the affiliate account is credited.

Our experienced team provide free help and training and are only a phone call away. The rate of pay is higher than previous chat-lines I have tried I am ever-so pleased I found this chat-line Working from home is perfect.

I usually work for only 10 - 14 hours per week when I am saving for holidays, and all I need is a landline and my acting skills.

If I ever need any support the staff are a phone call away.

Apply for one of our Chatline operator jobs and join our brilliant team of operators taking calls from home.

There is no expense to you, all you need is the motivation to earn money because the more you chat the more you earn!

We do require a minimum of 20 hours a week which includes 6 hours on a weekend.

We value our affiliates as business partners and want to reward you for networking with your associates and bringing additional affiliates onboard.

For every partner you refer to us you will receive a 5% commission on all of their sales.

Hi have'nt been here for a bit, does anyone work for a phone sex company that pays well?

, Im at home a lot so thought id try that out but have been on Google all week and still none the wiser .

Please contact the office team if you would prefer this option.

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