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The usual material is bronze, but some are made by casting a white metal nut, using the screw as a mandrel. A solid type, such as Fig 8, is sati factory as long as slight play does not affect the us PLAIN BEARINGS 1625 of the machine, but when wear takes place, a new bear- ing is necessary With adjustable bearings (Figs. TAPEB BEAHING would not allow accurate work to be produced. 13, the main bearings are split so that play can be taken up. VIEW SHOWING " V " SLIDES OP LATHE PLAIN BEARINGS 1631 facilitate this, they are adjustable in the hangars, either by screwed pins or other kinds of spherical mounting, all of which will be illustrated. SLIDE WITH PROTECTIVE SHIELD AND FELTWASHHBS revolves it turns the ring, the lower hali of which dips in an oil bath and carries the oil up to the surface of the bearing. In another type, instead of a loose ring, a collar is joined on the shaft which lifts the oil in a similar manner. As shown diagrammatically, a number of collars are turned on the shaft, and these bear up against similar pieces in the box, in this way the extra bearing is obtained, not by a larger diameter, but by increasing the number of bearing surfaces.1624 WORKSHOP PRACTICE SOLID AND ADJUSTABLE BEARINGS All of the bearings mentioned are again divided int solid and adjustable types, though it is now generall FIG. 9 and 10), if play develops, it can soon be taken up by remov- ing metal from the faces of the split bush. The bottom half of the brass rests in the headstock and is, of course, pegged to prevent rotation, while the top half is held down by a cap through which the lubricant is supplied Another headstock bearing is shown in Figs. BEABINGS OP LATKE HJEADSTOOK PLAIN BEARINGS 1629 to distribute the oil, and also need provision to keep out turnings which would spoil the surface. The methods of lubrication are usually by means of ring oilers, in which a slot is cut in the top of the bear- ing, and a loose ring slipped into this slot. This, of course, is more certain than a ring, and will operate at any speed Ring oiling is not satis- factory at very high speeds as slip occurs, and this is also limited by the diameter of the shaft When once the reservoirs are filled, the bearings will run for months 1632 WORKSHOP PRACTICE without attention, although this would not be nece sary, as the oiler, or millwright, would attend to thi regularly. 18 has an o level in the form of glass tube fitted, s that a correct supply ] always available. SIMPLE PLTJMMHB BLOCK, HAND OILED 105- (5515) 1634 WORKSHOP PRACTICE guarantees that the shaft is not bound in any way. On elaborate and heavy shafting of large diameter small separate pumps are used, driven from the shaft- ing to supply the lubricant and ensure a perfect supply. Co LLAB, TYPE SHAKING 1636 WORKSHOP PRACTICE the other fixed in the hearing housing. Vertical bearings such as used on water turbines, pumps, and vertical generators are the most difficult to lubricate, as the oil runs away by gravitation.

On the petrol engine section, which doubtless wi prove decidedly valuable, the four-stroke engine alon is considered. 188 INSETS facing i a Phases m the Assembly of Skefko Transmission Bearings .... AIERS 10415515 SECTION XXX PLAIN BEARINGS : TYPES AND FITTING INTRODUCTION BEARINGS are the most important parts of any machine, as upon their behaviour depends the efficiency, and also the output, of the machine.

Everyone knows what bearings are, but the practical side of their uses and fitting is the least understood of all mechanical subjects.

Again, most people know that a bearing requires a lubricant, but that is as far as general knowledge goes, therefore the author wishes to explain and illustrate the many varieties of bearings, and also their methods of lubrication and fitting.

Bearings for marine purposes, auto- mobile work, stationary engines, locomotives, and the numerous other purposes are all dealt with.

In Section XXX he will find a very complete treat- ment of plain bearings in which every conceivable type is touched on.

FRICTION IViction tends to stop the parts which we require to move, and the force extended in moving them 1619 1620 WORKSHOP PRACTICE generates heat.

This friction is very useful at times ; f o instance, it is used to drive transport, such as the wheel of railway engines and motor-cars, all of which depent bearings are fitted. These are fitted \vit li single or multiple thrust washers, according -fco the 1t\j. There are also many types of PLAIN" BEARINGS 1623 which only take a sliding motion, such as the bearing on the ram of a press (Fig. PETROL ENGINE AND GAS ENGINE FITTING AND ASSEMBLY 1IY MAJOR A. Bearing construction, mounting and fitting are all clearly described, and the lubrication of each type, needless to say, receives the thorough treatment which is deserved. WORKSHOP PRACTICE A PRACTICAL WORK FOR THE DRAUGHTSMAN^ THE MECHANIC, THE PATTERN MAKER, AND THE POUNDRYMAN EDITED BY E. The author also deals with oil-less bushes, such as are used in watches, magnetos, and other delicate precision instru- ments.28 SPECIAL MACHINE WITH BOLLEB BEAJEUNGS only for adjusting running clearance, instead of having to strip down and file faces as in the standard two-piece type of bearing.Whatever machine or engine is used, it should be kept as clean as possible as there is less chance of foreign matter getting to the bearing or m the lubricant. Ball and roller bearings are the subject matter of Section XXXI.