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Priest dating - date seiten Ingolstadt

His brother and sister came over from the Philippines and we socialised more and more until early hours of the morning. The sister would take my daughter out the back so we had time together in which my priest would say things like “If a priest becomes involved with a parishioner he can no longer hear her confession, can’t give her Eucharist and she has to move to another church” all the while he would be tapping my leg under the table.He would ask me if I was his wife would I be happy with this type of life.

If we were texting and I turned my phone off I would wake to 4-5 texts from him – often trying to get me to go down to his house even at 4am.After my first Parish Council meeting the priest asked my daughter and I out to dinner which was quite an intimate setting with the priest and I staring deeply into each other’s eyes across the table.A few days later we went to dinner again and then back to the Presbytery for a few drinks.This continued on a regular basis after each mass or prayer meeting, we would go back to the presbytery for drinks.We would also text each other until 2 or 3am on most night. ’S friend” – with the emphasis put strongly on the friend.I was devastated and could not get it from my head that this man I trusted more than any man in the world was just playing games, I had always considered myself a good judge of character but now I was unsure.

Over the next few months I watched as he put other women in positions around him that were on their own or whose husbands worked away or didn’t go to church and my mind went wild.

I felt a small tug of personal loss when author Colleen Mc Cullough passed away last week.

She was the author of a book that, in some ways, read like the story of my life.

He denied saying the things my ex-husband had told me and when I asked him about our ‘friendship’ he told me ‘I was only playing and I behave that way with a number of women and they don’t take it the wrong way’ (I don’t know how that was possible as I took up all of his time).

When I asked him about the text saying he wanted to be intimate he replied ‘sometimes you say those things to lighten the mood’.

I had not been to church in many years and my daughter whom had been showing an interest in faith wanted to become a Catholic like me.

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