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I have since recommended this product to my friends and will continue to do so." "Because of health reasons, I no longer drink coffee and really missed having a warm cup of coffee after a delicious dinner.When I discovered Teeccino, Almond Amaretto Teeccino became my favorite (much better than coffee! Not only do I enjoy it, but everyone joins me who is sharing dinner - daughter, granddaughter, son, daughter-in-law, friends!

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I drink my coffee with a splash of heavy whipping cream, and this works very well with this "coffee", also.

Easy on the stomach, and no caffeine, and it's ORGANIC!!! I don't smoke and I don't even drink alcohol, but coffee was always my one vice.

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Best of all, I look forward to it and prefer it to coffee or candy! The Hazelnut teechino has been a real problem solver for me." "I simply love this stuff.

Great aroma and flavor." "I ordered this to help take the place of coffee, so I could reduce my caffeine intake. It tastes so rich and creamy and I add a little sugar and cream just like coffee. In the afternoon when I a'm hungry it is a treat that won't keep me up at night or spoil my dinner.

After suffering a horrible horrible headache that night from withdrawal, I decided that was enough I was not going to go back. " "Still an unapologetic caffeine addict and a reluctant sugar addict, Amaretto Teechino is my go-to treat when cravings hit in the afternoon.

One day I just did not have time to make the coffee.

We tried it, and I was amazed at the tastes, flavors, consistency, and quality of this Almond Amaretto "coffee".

It's delicious, has good body, and tastes fantastic.

This is the best I have ever found and now use it every morning!