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Geno Smith didn't do much with his opportunity, either, also failing to produce a touchdown while adding one interception.Johnson entered with a slight edge over the former Jet in the competition for the backup job, and this game likely didn't change that status quo with both failing to impress.

I didn’t quite know what to do with the song, so I held on to it.24, 2017 Where: Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles Time: 8 p.m.Eastern TV: Fox Livestream: Fox Sports Go Odds: LAD -160 World Series capsule: Season Series: Teams didn't meet in 2017. Altuve (.400, 5 homers), Gurriel (.366) and Correa (9 RBIs) did well in the playoffs. I first saw U2 on Live Aid and would later steal my older brother’s vinyl copy of The Unforgettable Fire.I wrote Miles Away a few years ago after flipping through a book of photos of the Earth from space.‘We hear their heartbeat...' ' A time to love our neighbour…' Some highlights from Houston, night six of #U2The Joshua Tree2017 When & Where, Wednesday, May 24th 2017. Night six of #U2The Joshua Tree2017 Set List Opening with New Year's Day, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Pride (In The Name of Love)…but no A Sort Of Homecoming tonight. Social Post From @claytonskitten: ' Lately, when I hear One, I think of From The Sky Down, and how Mysterious Ways gave birth to this song. I feel like I owe you a great deal, but all I can do is say thank you. i have been loving the shows since the start from good streams,one song i have wanted to hear as its one of my favs is miss sarajevo,but i am kinda disappointed that bono doesnt sing the whole thing,i saw bono sing it the last time they were in pittsburgh and had chills down my spine,i know years ago bono and pavarotti sang it together but in these live shows to me throws the song off having voice over and not bonos own voice,i do hope he changes that because i am taking 2 of my sons and thier gfs when they play in pitt june 7th,i doubt they can change it at this point of the tour but i hope they will think about it,my youngest son is hoping oridinary love would be played because that was the song that made him start to listening to U2 but i told him its doubtful but please think about miss sarajevo tho please Again, U2 amazes in concert.

#perspective #U2The Joshua Tree2017' In The Press ' From the Houston Chronicle: ' The presentation of "The Joshua Tree" began with the entire backing screen filled with brilliant blood-red imagery from the album's artwork and accompanying Anton Corbijn photoshoot, dissolving into the point of view of a driver's making the long distance trek to the titular desert park. If y’all are ever back down in my neck of the woods, just give me holler, and I’ll whip you up some home-cooked grub. The energy, the message, the atmosphere, nothing compares in experience.

We'll see you again when the stars fall from the sky…' Top Review on U2Posted by rbb15225: ' A powerful, redemptive, re-energizing and galvanizing night. Not by the band, they were great, but by all the people holding up cell phones and recording large portions of the show! It's ruining the energy in the crowd and I suspect its making it hard for Bono and the boys to do their thing too. I THOUROUGHLY ENJOYED THE JOSHUA TREE CONCERT IN HOUSTON THIS WEEK! We listen to all the songs we wanted to listen im glad u2 took a look back this time .human rigths I was happy i could see larry so close drumming away awesome i was drumming with him in first row First time I have seen them since 1992, zoo tv tour!!! Please include some of these amazing minds with the politicians, writers and entertainers. My love for this band runs deep and all the way back to 1982. :) We stood the whole time and sang along with every song!

A reminder that "there is no them, there is only us." The message of inclusiveness, community, and love was the thread throughout the evening. Even worse, moderators for this site are advocating the practice. THANK YOU FOR PAYING HOMAGE TO WOMEN THAT HAVE CHANGED THE WORLD --- SADLY THERE WAS ONE BIG OMMISSION: WHERE WAS SALLY RIDE? They have given humanity so many beneficial discoveries that have improved lives throughout her-story! I have seen them several times, but not since 1992.

Sunday Bloody Sunday New Year's Day Pride (In The Name Of Love)Where The Streets Have No Name I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For With Or Without You Bullet The Blue Sky Running To Stand Still Red Hill Mining Town In God's Country Trip Through Your Wires One Tree Hill Exit Mothers of the Disappeared Absolutely incredible to see the boys play the entire JT album in one night! Louis, took my 13 and 23 year olds (their first U2 show) and was blown away. Thanks U2 for poetic lyrics that move the soul, incomparable music, and some incredible memories. After we survived the storm hail near Houston, we got to see the show.

The screen and stage set-up was my favorite since Zoo TV and this was even better.

Johnson got the start with veteran Eli Manning sitting for this tuneup, but struggled in his four drives of action.

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