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, *, _ most coubis Unl with the good of the whole i Dirri Stl B^ ICCOIl Dt by R Tf RYSlldrt pic of the United States: and that we hereby in- , dlvldnally and collectively pledge ourselves, that Ibiif'e of us who may still have friends or Fill Rl b UFft Udtr Of Dick Tff Tl'jri relatives In nbel Uuu against the United States, '' to use our res|-eeiive iullueures with them. The oath of allegiance accomp Ushoe nothing; it has proved a feliure wherever it has been tried as a Union measure; it has lieen abused as a rrfuge and protection for the vilest n;en; It is essentiaily odious to cur poopltx it gives riec to heart bantings and recrimination^; it is regard- ed 0" the ceremony of a vanquished people; it would be an octislon of deep and po'giiant morti Seatlou to onr people: It w-ovld really con- vert no man’s opinion, aud end in demoralizing ihepub Lc co Dsdfncfs.* C. On these terias— which are already reported not Incoii Bistenl with the views of the Wuahiug- t(B Admlnl-traiion — 1 ffrmly Iwlicve that Vir- ainia will pcndilv re'um into' the Union, as of her own choice, and with some dignity, and v lihout Uiat htsiiali-m and reluctance which would l-e tbe rt 1-ult of any unwi«e application ..f force or ’uareh dictation of aalhority. The Wa-ahliigton Govts mncnl may drive tome from their conn - try; but it is wrong that men ol the Sou-i.b shin-ld. The great conspira- cy- and assassination trials were uot begun this morning; as was exi'ected. This speaks much for the honor and reputation of the old Com- mon wraith. Tbe largest iortion of the crowd have already departed for tbeir homes, and nnmbers are of ‘u{)Jngailnn. 1 have no de- i-ign of ever if wilful cruelty’ or wouton degradation is add'id to their misfortune. which, although decreed against myself, I would deprecate most solemnly, either as an eiilbrc-ed seuteu x or a voluntaia- resource, with rerpect to my country men. It would teem now that the choice has fallen npon the Bull Run battle-field as in every wav a fit and ptoper poeition. It is St Charles Restaurant, PHUd FSE8U POTOl ia C RB AD. I can never consent to make terms with in- jnstire. 1 know very well that tbe cause of tbe Coni^eracy is lost; 1 recognize the fact before mv t-ves of' Northern succes in the war; I am leaving by every- train. ffispo^ to dispute or disiiamge the autbor- witk tbe exercises of tbe day, but the sacred : ity which that success has established. m Me Sbibt caa be rau MB wbaa la iiaa tc ' rn a MMa U n.a CM B SMilr aa a Stna ar Mamie caaaaa Baee af n-a BUiia the Dcna Bujrair rr. Baaaaa n«OPaa, Ma Biar, Santa Ajub- Tlir MARTYRFD P*r*II*FST AT HIS OI. It is not necessary, nor do I believe itl« asked of my conntn men’ to make vile atfectatlons in Kiclmrd Youur Bind. Pioneer Kueiae ('oiiipsny of Sfrinefie'.d Itiuoiiiiustoii Fire lnii Fir- and Bir-kef Cmt*anr of S-rinrfel J Kinimi iii Ti MON.