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ne of the oddest aspects of the sexual revolution is its tendency to present the problem as the solution.

This is surely testimony to an innate human need to set sexual activity within a larger relational framework.The law requires that both comprehensive sexual health and HIV prevention education are taught once in middle school and once in high school.A school district may provide comprehensive sexual health education or HIV prevention education consisting of age-appropriate instruction earlier than grade seven using instructors trained in the appropriate courses.And then, strange to tell, a on the development of sex robots highlights the fact that clients of prostitutes often want to pretend that the sex occurs in the context of a real relationship.Some kind of narrative, however false, somehow makes the act more satisfying.Sexual assault is heinous, and even the clients of prostitutes want something more significant than an anonymous encounter.

The notion that sex can be pursued as recreation, isolated from a larger relational and moral context, is an obvious scam. It has often been observed that the victims of scams have a remarkable ability to ignore the obvious fact that, hey, they have fallen for a confidence trick.

The change in sexual habits is presented not as a problem, but as a reality to be accommodated.

This makes perfect sense, given the divorce of sexual activity from any kind of moral framework or personal narrative.

Why not address instead the factors that determine those experiences, by putting sex back in its rightful place, within an appropriate moral framework?

The “tailoring” of sex education to patterns of behavior divorced from morality is one of the things that brought on the current situation.

It has institutionalized irresponsibility to such an extent, and demonized its critics so effectively, that even as it falls apart under the weight of its own contradictions, we keep pouring cultural capital into the same old schemes, hoping that all will turn out well in the end.

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