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Nevertheless, since the of the traditional Christian era, a leap year, was renumbered "zero".

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, and as a calendar leap year divisible by 4 (having an extra day in February).Bede did not use a year zero because neither the concept nor a symbol for it existed in the system of Roman numerals.The Babylonian system of the BC era had used the idea of "nothingness" without considering it a number, and the Romans enumerated in much the same way.The Arabic numeral for zero (0) did not enter Europe until the thirteenth century.Even then, it was known only to very few, and only entered widespread use in Europe by the seventeenth century.Bede did not sequentially number days of the month, weeks of the year, or months of the year.

However, he did number many of the days of the week using a counting origin of one in Ecclesiastical Latin.

The anno Domini nomenclature was not widely used in Western Europe until the 9th century, and the historical year was not uniform throughout Western Europe until 1752.

The first extensive use (hundreds of times) of 'BC' occurred in Fasciculus Temporum by Werner Rolevinck in 1474, alongside years of the world (anno mundi).

Consequently, historians regard all these eras as equal. This means that between, for example, Thus the year 2018 actually signifies "the 2018th year".

Neither the choice of calendar system (whether Julian or Gregorian) nor the era (Anno Domini or Common Era) determines whether a year zero will be used.

The terms anno Domini, Dionysian era, Christian era, vulgar era, and common era were used interchangeably between the Renaissance and the 19th century, at least in Latin.