Dating people you work with

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Relationship building is generally not taught in schools and it’s rarely taught to those who join the managerial ranks. Today’s work challenges require the best efforts of a group of committed people who are working toward a common goal.

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It’s important to remember that a primary reason to cultivate good work relationships is to better accomplish organizational goals.Many people are tapped for leadership positions because of their strong individual skills and knowledge.Yet their past experience of being “the smartest person in the room” can often keep them from developing the ability to draw out the best from others.Evaluate where you are The best way to begin building authentic relationships is to map out your current relationships.This involves sitting down with a piece of paper and creating a map of each person you have a relationship with at work.Your goal in the beginning is to build up some reserves in another person’s emotional bank account that you can draw on during the inevitable rough spots that happen in all relationships. If people get a sense that you’re only doing something because you expect something in return, the relationship can fall apart.

The art of building relationships is to give as much as you can with no immediate expectation of return in mind.Work is going to create goals and deadlines that will be important to both of you. If you establish the relationship first, you’ll be in a better position to accomplish more together.2. Some people are very status conscious when it comes to building relationships.These people focus on establishing relationships with people they perceive to be important in the hierarchy.While it is important to be highly skilled in your specific area of expertise, you also want to build strong collaboration skills that allow you to work on large-scale group projects.There’s more to organizational success than individuals coming up with good answers.4. Other people make the opposite mistake–they overuse the relationship card.Does the person see you as someone who is helping them along the way? Or are you actually inhibiting the other person’s success?

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