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There’ll be sharp insight and punchy opinion from presenters, guests and of course, reactions and views from an unrivalled supporting cast – our listeners.” Online, uk will provide results, analysis and the key moments of election night.Presenters, correspondents and reporters will also be tweeting, posting, pinning, vining and instagraming as the story unfolds.

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LBC’s David Mellor and Ken Livingstone will also join the show.All stations and groups results are reported on their specified reporting period and TSA (Total Survey Area).Ashley Tabor, founder & executive president here at Global, said: “This is a fantastic set of results for Global.Across the day, non-stop coverage continues with election specials from James O’Brien and Andrew Pierce as attempts are made to form a new government and LBC’s audience have their say on the outcome of the polls.James Rea, managing editor, LBC said: “LBC has its best political team in action covering the battle for Number 10 – a general election that will define a generation.These listeners will be included in the Q3 figures.

For this reason, the Q2 figures don’t give a like-for-like comparison.

It is just one of a number of initiatives The Big Lottery Fund is backing that aim to empower young people to shape their own futures and to play an active role in their communities.” Nick Ferrari will pick up the baton at 5am for a special five-hour election edition of his breakfast show broadcast live from Westminster.

Every hour Ferrari will be joined by some of the biggest names in politics who stepped down from Parliament in 2015 for their insight including Sir Malcolm Rifkind, Dame Tessa Jowell and Sir Menzies Campbell.

LBC is a force to be reckoned with, setting the news agenda across the country and achieving its biggest ever audience on record with more listeners and hours, and a greater market share than ever before.

Heart London now reaches two million listeners every week helping strengthen Heart’s position as the UK’s number one commercial radio network, and Capital Xtra beats Radio 1Xtra for the first time ever.

Peter Ainsworth, Chair of the Big Lottery Fund, said: “The Big Music Project is all about inspiring young people across the UK to fulfill their potential and achieve their personal goals.